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ellie goulding: ritual, live in hamburg (21072014), filmed and edited by me (josie)

I’ve figured out that joy is not in your arms

ellie goulding live in hamburg (21072014), taken and edited by me (josie)


Archive Shot;

Ellie trying to steal a dog.


Ellie Goulding - Lights


i saw ellie last in year in may in munich right around the time her halcyon days tour was ending (i think?? maybe it was just the end of the european part) and although i LOVED her concert she also seemed sorta shy and down and not really her super bubbly self, so i really think that touring so much stresses her out and though i love her and think she's always amazing in stage i wish she would take a break for a lil bit. i feel like she's been constantly on tour for the past year and a half

yeah definitely. i think she’s one of those people who have quite a hard time taking time off from work and who just work really hard all the time, which is most likely one of the reasons for her huge success. pretty sure her last gig for the summer is august 31, really hope she takes some time off then and gets to regain her energy (and maybe even work on some new stuff) (i did not say that)

lucy is officially one of my favourite human beings. what a babe.

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